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How We Began

“The Presbyterians of this area are not as well known as some of the other religions. Presbyterians have never been known to handle snakes, conduct foot washings, speak in tongues, or hold lengthy revivals, not to say that I have anything against those that do. The Presbyterians are known for holding orderly services and well-educated ministers. As I have said in previous talks the Presbyterians were one of the earliest churches of this community.” (The Leavenworth Churches a remembrance; David W. Wilkins, 2016)

As early as 1843 there was a presence of the Presbyterian Church in Leavenworth, Indiana. In 1856 a School Church was erected and the church services were held in this building. About a block from the School Church a Methodist stood.

In the devastating flood in January of 1937, both churches were destroyed. In March of that year, the trustees of both churches meet and decided to disband both churches and united them. The location of a new church was front of community presbyterian churchset on a bluff that overlooked the Ohio River Valley safe from future flooding. The cornerstone for Community Presbyterian Chruch was set on September 26, 1937.

What is Truly a Presbyterian?

The following is an excerpt from David Wilkins book:

What is truly a Presbyterian? A merchant carries on his books credit to a widow women and her children for nearly a year until her Social Security takes effect. A man each year at Christmas time sends a Christmas Card to children of the community who have lost one of their parents, inside the card money with only a little “s” at the bottom of the card. A woman who for years gave music lessons in her home to children of the community for 50 cents and many times for less. A woman, whos’ deep love for her church, gave a fine brick home to the church for a manse. A widow woman, who raised 5 children, and sent them to church school each Sunday clean and well behaved. A mother who for more than 25 years taught Sunday School, and played piano for the children. A minister and his wife, who would take in a mother and 2 children into their small home, and give them a place to live when there was hardly room for their own family to live. A minister who saw the need, and set up a small library in his home rather than the church, as the church couldn’t afford to heat the building all week. A minister who even after losing his eldest son by his first wife to Scarlet Fever, and four additional sons by his second wife to the fever, still managed to minister to the church for many years. A woman, who has devoted more than 40 years to the music of the church….

Thanks to David for sharing this tremendous testimony of people of faith the saints that have gone before us in this place.

The Future

A small rural congregation that many have given up for dead years ago remains since it’s beginning 177 years ago. The light burned in Old Town Leavenworth until it was extinguished in 1937. Only to be re-lite later in the same year on a bluff high above the flood of the world. God did not establish a new light on the mountain top just so it would go out again. The light was placed here so that the whole world will know that Jesus is Lord.