apple tree with red apples

Purpose of Apple Trees

apple tree with red apples

Almost everyone likes apples. We grew up with stories of Johnny Appleseed. A phrase that offers sound advice that I remember; "an apple a day will keep the doctor away." It seems like God created the apple for the sheer pleasure it gives to us. Even horses and deer love apples. But there is more to an apple than it's delicious taste and nutrition. So let us consider for a moment the purpose of an apple.

An apple has an outer skin to protect the meat of the fruit until it ripens and is ready to eat. There is the fruit itself, juicy, full of nutrients, and natural sugars. Then there is the core where the seeds are contained and protected. Think for a moment of an apple and make a list of what you think the purpose of an apple is.

Did you make a list?

During the lifetime of a healthy apple tree; how many apples do you think that tree will produce? Depends on the size of the tree and the type of apple. But a rough estimate is that a tree could produce 1,000 apples per year. An apple with its nutritional value is a near perfect food source.

There are as many ways to eat an apple as there are people who eat them. When I was young, my mother would use a paring knife and peel an apple. Then she would cut the core out of it followed by slicing it in six or eight pieces. In every instance, she would then throw the peeling and center into the garbage. Today I use an apple coring device that removes the core and slices the apple in one motion. I do not throw the skin away but eat it with the apple. But I still throw away the core.

The whole process of preparing and eating an apple says a lot about our culture. I suppose we feel like there is an abundance of apples. There seems to be a lot of them in the produce section at the grocery store. In my lifetime I have never seen a store run out of them. We treat the apple as if it was a fruit that was made just for our eating pleasure. That appears to be the purpose of an apple to provide food for us and keep the doctor away.

The real purpose of an apple is to produce the seeds. Why is that an apples purpose? slice apple with apple seedsThe essential purpose of an apple is to provide the source for more trees. If an apple tree will produce 1,000 apples a year and each apple has six to eight seeds. The potential of an apple tree is to produce six to eight thousands of new trees to grow apples. If you ponder that for a moment it is mind-boggling. There is no limit to God's abundance. But in a culture of overabundance, we do not plant trees, we discard the seeds as garbage. If that is how we think about apple seeds that becomes a warning about how we feel about other people.

The apple is God's grace in giving us delicious fruit and nutrition, but the purpose of an apple tree is to produce more trees. Kind of gives a new image for the church to be the Johnny Appleseed spreading the seeds of love everywhere. Go forth, be fruitful and multiply.

Blessings Pastor Mick


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