Get Involved

So Many Opportunities

Share in the life of a loving community. Share in Worship. Share in Bible Study. Share in our online community. Share in Todd-Dickey Worship. Share in giving back to our community. Share in a family looking to grow in faith and service.

ohio river from overlook

View of Ohio River from the Overlook Restaurant a short distance from Community Presbyterian Church.

Family of Light - Online Community

Become a part of the new online community the "Family of Light". A place where we can worship online, form and participate in Small Groups, share in Bible Study.

Family of Light is not a substitute for sharing in a traditional Church Family. We have formed it to supplement our home church community. Where people living far from our physical address can unite with a church family. For people who are not able to attend regular services.


Community Presbyterian Church is located in Leavenworth, Indiana. We follow a traditional worship service centered on the preaching of God's Word. We sing traditional hymns and celebrate the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of every month.

still life with chalice and bread on the textile tablecloth

Small Groups

We will be forming Small Groups online with our Family of Light Community. If you join us at Community Presbyterian you can get in on the floor in new Small Group formation. Looking forward to you joining us.

Meeting Of Bible Study Group

The foundation and center of our Christian Faith is the understanding and application of God's Word in our lives. The Kingdom of Heaven is where God's justice, equality, love, and grace become a concrete reality in our community. This is the place we believe where Christ is present in our lives.