Posts from November 2018

Posts from November 2018

give thanks - Thanksgiving concept - text in letterpress wood type printing blocks with cone, acorn, leaf and berries fall decoration


Giving Thanks On December 26, 1942, Congress passed a law making Thanksgiving Day the fourth Thursday of November. This legislation ended the long-standing controversy of which Thursday in November was the official Thanksgiving Holiday. The fourth Thursday became the legal day based on the lobbying by business leaders to have an extra week of shopping before Christmas. Therefore, Black Friday was born. It was the custom of the Jews to praise God for each dish served at a meal. That…
Ten commandments stones, viewed from ground level in dramatic perspective, with sky and clouds in background.

Lectionary – Proper 26

Being close to the kingdom In the Hebrew Bible, there were 613 Laws considered to be at the center being obedient to God. It was impossible to obey them all, and some were subject to interpretation. In Mark Chapter 12 Jesus is in the Temple court in Jerusalem engaged in dialogue with several Sadducees about aspects of the Law. During this discussion, a teacher of the Law asked Jesus: “What is the most important commandment?”(The Contemporary English Version (Nashville: Thomas…